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Baby Safe Super Set

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This is a great product in our baby soft play equipment.  It’s a fantastic product to have in your home, or nursery. A helping hand at times when you several youngsters to care for! Simply combine the 2 Baby Safe’s to make a versatile play area – it can even be used as a ball pool!

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• 138 x 135 x 20cm when assembled
• 1 large mat 140 x 140 x 2.5cm
• 2 small mats, each 90 x 90 x 2.5cm
• 2 activity arches (toys not included)
• 100 ball pool balls and nylon storage bag
• 3 different colour combinations available


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Baby Room Bumpers

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Our baby bumpers are ideal for any room in  a nursery. They help to provide protection from injury for babies and small children.

• each bumper is 52cm high & 32cm wide at the base
• made to order to fit any area, corner section available
• bumpers velcro together
• each bumper can feature designs of your choice
• contact customer services for a quote


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